Artist Collaborations

Every season, 69SLAM collaborates with an artist on a capsule collection as a way to support artists and showcase their creative work as well as bringing variety and uniqueness to the collection!

Check out some of our latest collaborations below!


For the Fall-Winter 2017 collection, we worked with Little Beni, a Bali-based street and studio visual artist.

Little Beni, who has been painting since she was 8 years old, picked up her first spray can at 12. She first came to Bali in 2013 and has been telling her stories via the walls of Canggu ever since. 

Her pieces have an ukiyo-e style to them and are full of bright colours and images inspired by the nature around her. You can find her work sprawled throughout Bali, bringing the walls to life.

Her colourful prints are available in swimwear, boardshorts, apparel and underwear and are available exclusively to the 69SLAM Koy and Lotus collections.



For the Spring-Summer 2016 collection, we worked with a talented Russian artist, Evgeny Bam.

Evgeny is a street artist living in Bali. Evgeny is inspired by the soul of the island. He calls his work "modern na├»ve art".

In this collection, we introduced 2 designs from Evgeny:

  • Island Soul Boardshorts, which represent all that is the Balinese spirit.
  • Underwater Swimwear, which reflects the Balinese wildlife.



For the Fall-Winter 2016 collection, we wanted to showcase the work of WASAMARA.

Originally from Argentina, WASAMARA worked as a vet, economist advisor and farmer before discovering art. One day he decided to radically change his life. He went travelling the world in search of different cultures and perfect waves. He landend in Bali where he is now juggling between colors and waves. His paintings depict that feeling you get after surfing the wave of the day.


You can shop WASAMARA's work in our Rafa Music and Rafa City collections - available now!